The Covenant United Church has partnered with Options for Homes to redevelop 230 The Donway West. They informed Denzil that they are commencing a community engagement schedule.

In advance of filing a formal Application with the City, Denzil and his staff distributed flyers to residents surrounding 230 The Donway to ensure that the community was informed.

Notwithstanding the worthwhile objectives of providing more affordable housing, Denzil’s priority is to ensure that the development is appropriate for the neighbourhood. The outside ring of the northwest quadrant is, for the most part, characterized by low density single family and semi-detached homes. Options for Homes has provided very preliminary plans that reflect a development that is tiered at 4 and 6 storeys.

A community meeting for this site will take place in late-April 2021. Denzil’s office will keep you updated regarding this meeting as it gets closer.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please do not hesitate to contact Denzil’s office at