City AAfter extensive discussions with City Planning staff, I am pleased to report that the City will be conducting a Focused Area Study for the Wynford-Concorde Community, including The Palisades..

A Focus Area Study allows the City to work with local residents and various stakeholders to consider the community and examine critical issues such as the availability of City services, public space, and access to transportation. They will then work together to decide what level of development is appropriate for this community now, and in the future.

During this period, new Applications aren’t stopped, but they are reviewed concurrently and within the context of the study.  Additionally, developers that don’t wait may appeal their Applications at the Ontario Lands Tribunal, where the panel may take into account the fact that the Focus Area Study is in progress.

This initiative comes at a critical time in this community’s development. Once the Eglinton-Crosstown LRT and the Ontario Line are complete, the Don Mills and Eglinton area will become a transit hub. This makes Wynford-Concorde an even more attractive place to live. However, this also means that land speculators and developers will continue to develop the surrounding area. 

Developers are given permission to do so through the Government of Ontario’s Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC) policy. In short, this policy encourages the development of residential and commercial space within walking distance of public transport. The goal of TOC is to increase public transportation ridership by making transit more accessible for residents. Despite TOC’s worthwhile objectives, the policy fails to consider how it can result in unwanted density and intensification in some areas.  For example, the development Application for 10-12 Concorde Place and 1-3 Concorde Gate.

This mega-development proposes 9 new towers ranging from 40 to 52 storeys. In total, 4,086 residential units are proposed. Combined with 175 Wynford’s planned 2,500 units, these two Applications mean there are more Wynford-Concorde units in development now than the whole of the Celestica site’s 4,982 planned residential units.

This attack from developers will grow and continue because of Transit-Oriented Community policies.

That is why I am pleased with the approval to undertake the Focus Area Study, and supported it at North York Community Council on September 13. We need to have meaningful conversations with the community in order to develop a plan for the future. I am hopeful that this will be a positive step towards developing a better plan for Wynford-Concorde.

To view Application details for 1-3 Concorde Gate and 10-12 Concorde Place on the City website, click here.

View the architectural drawings here.