The DMRI has signed Minutes of Settlement relating to its Appeal of the Ontario Superior Court decision regarding the construction of a community centre at 844 Don Mills – Celestica.  Now we can move ahead to make largest community centre in the city a reality.  Additionally, a smaller community centre at the base of 169 The Donway West will be built by Lanterra Developments, but owned and operated by the City.    This agreement also addresses the future of 966 Don Mills Road, by committing to a community consultation that includes members of the DMRI to consider a long term care facility at this location. 

While the transfer of this 966 Don Mills from Cadillac Fairview to the City can’t take place until Cadillac Fairview completes the environmental cleanup of the site – which may take up to twelve years – the Civitan arena will continue to operate during this time.  This means there will be no gap between the closing of the Civitan Arena and the opening of the new twin ice pads at Celestica – a major victory for all of our rink users.

Staff recently hired a design team for the Celestica community recreation facility, and are working to hire a community engagement team to facilitate thorough community consultation on the project.  After more than 2 years of delays we are very excited to move ahead.  


Don Mills Community Recreation Centre

This large, integrated, and multi-component facility will offer the diverse and growing communities of the Don Mills Corridor and beyond a range of year-round programs and services. Located at the former Celestica Lands site at 844 Don Mills Rd., the new CRC will be next to a new large park and all within walking distance of a planned Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (ECLRT) station and is part of the ongoing implementation of the Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan.

The proposed CRC will include:

  • An indoor twin ice pad arena / multi-use indoor sports field
  • A large indoor lap and leisure pool
  • A double gymnasium
  • Multi-use community and activity spaces


Project Timeline

Fall 2021: Hire a design team

Winter to Summer 2022: Community engagement and design development

Summer 2022 to Summer 2023: Detailed design

Fall 2023: Hire a construction team

Winter 2024: Construction starts

Spring 2026: Construction complete, Community Recreation Centre opens

The timeline is subject to change. For more information, visit the City website.



Background Material

Click here to read Denzil’s letter explaining the end of the CF/Lanterra deal regarding 169 The Donway West

October 1, 2021 – Item NY26.2 Final Report – City-Initiated Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment Application – 966 Don Mills Road

Click here to read Denzil’s response to CF/Lanterra’s Offer regarding 169 The Donway West

Click here to read CF/Lanterra’s Offer regarding 169 The Donway West

Click here to read the Ontario Superior Court Decision re. the case


Below is a history that shows how we arrived at this decision point to provide 19,000 square feet of community space on The Donway West, in the heart of Don Mills.

July 16, 2019:  City Council Report

The original report, approved by City Council in 2019 shows the rationale for a new, larger, better Don Mills community centre at Don Mills Road and Wynford Drive.


June 2, 2021:  Ontario Superior Court Decision

DMRI under the leadership of its President, Stephen Ksiazek takes the unusual route to sue the city in Superior Court, delaying the construction of the new Don Mills Community Recreation Centre.  The court speaks and the Judge demonstrably and emphatically says that, among other things, the agreement was made with the Planning Act rules and can be changed under the proper circumstances.

  • Click here to read the Ontario Superior Court Decision


September 20, 2021:  Cadillac Fairview submits a proposal

Cadillac Fairview/Lanterra submits an offer to the Mayor and Council to build 19,000 square feet of community space, including multi-purpose space to be used for fitness, exercise, meeting and a walking track.  The city had originally proposed the framework for this deal in 2020.  The offer expires in early October 2021

  • Click here to read CF/Lanterra’s Offer regarding 169 The Donway


September 21, 2021:  A request is made to extend the deadline for responding to the offer

I requested an extension of the offer deadline in order to have time to discuss the offer with the community.

  • Click here to read my response to CF/Lanterra’s offer regarding 169 The Donway West


October 1, 2021:  Moving ahead with the new Don Mills Community Recreation Centre

After being delayed by the Court case, following the court decision and with the direction of Toronto City Council, the city submits a report to City Council to move forward with design work for the new Don Mills Community Recreation Centre at Celstica.  This decision is deferred to the November 9 Council meeting so it can be considered at the same time as the Lanterra offer.