The City is planning improvements to the four outdoor tennis courts in Broadlands Park as part of a state-of-good-repair program to upgrade the existing equipment and improve safety. In October, City staff and I had a virtual meeting with the local community to update residents on the project.

The courts are over 60 years old, and have only had minor repairs over the years. But now, some serious cracks and depressions have developed over the years, creating flooding and safety issues, making the courts unplayable.

It is important that our City prioritizes the maintenance and repairs of local amenities, especially ones as accessible and community-focused as the Broadlands Tennis Courts. Although it may be a private club, membership is very affordable. For adults, it only costs $85 annually, and for kids, only $30.

Construction is underway, and will include full tennis court resurfacing (new asphalt), new posts and nets, fences, and energy efficient LED lights.

Re-opening is expected by July 2022.