The City is reviewing a development application for two 21-storey buildings and a 9-storey mid-rise building at 801 York Mills Road and 1855 Leslie Street. The proposal includes a total of 636 residential units, 2,015 square metres of retail space, a 561 square metre on-site public park, and 670 parking spaces.

To date, there have been 4 productive consultations regarding this Application, with the community raising several concerns. The Application includes two 21-storey towers and one 9-storey midrise building. Denzil and the community have significant concerns regarding the height and density of this project, and its impact on the surrounding neighbourhood. Denzil has formed a working group with local residents to further discuss this project with the Developer and hopefully bring about some changes to the Application.

If you would like more information on this Application, click here. These updates will provide information about upcoming steps in the development process as well as opportunities for public input, such as the statutory public meeting at North York Community Council, once it is scheduled.