Last year, I recommended a pre-Application meeting for this proposal for 2 21-storey buildings and a 9-storey mid-rise, by First Capital Development.  While they didn’t make any changes to their plans before submitting the Application, following the formal community consultation meeting I asked to form a Working Group with local residents, the developer, and City Staff.   

We had three productive meetings where the community shared their concerns regarding the height and density of this project, and its impact on the surrounding neighbourhood. On March 14th 2022, our office received the developer’s revised proposal. 

To view the proposal, click here.

There were some significant changes in the proposal.  The height of the two towers was reduced from 21 storeys to 16. The second 9 storey midrise building was reduced to 5 storeys. The density was reduced to 3.9 FSI to 4.62 FSI. The number of residential units was reduced from 636 to 508 units, and the public park increased from 562 square metres to 994 square metres.

After the last meeting on Thursday, March 24th, the working group is deciding whether to accept or reject this revised application.

To view the Application details on the City website, click here.