311 Frequently Asked Questions

What is 311?

311 is a simple, three-digit phone number that you can use to get information about City of Toronto services or programs, or to make a request for service. Residents, visitors and businesses no longer have to try to find the right division or individual at the City to get information or help. Callers can get information about everything from Toronto Public Library hours of operation, to reporting a missed garbage pick-up, to finding out where the closest flu clinic is located.

Who can call 311?

Anyone within Toronto city limits can call 311 free of charge, but regular pay phone and cellular phone charges still apply.

What Are the Hours of Operation?

Customer service representatives are available to answer your questions or fill a service request 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What If I Want to Call 311 but I’m Outside of the City?

If you are outside of the City of Toronto and want to reach a 311 customer service representative, please call 416-392-CITY (2489).

Is This a Free Service?

There is no charge for calling 311, but pay phone and cellular air time charges will still apply. There is no additional service fee collected by your telephone company.

Will 311 Accept Collect Calls from Outside of the City Limits?

No. Callers from outside of the city limits must dial 416-392-CITY (2489) and, if applicable, long distance charges will be applied to the call.

Can You Call 311 from a Cell Phone?

Yes. In fact, you can call 311 from a cell phone that does not have a 416/647 area code as long as the call is placed from within the city limits. Cellular air time charges will apply.

Can You Call 311 from a VOIP Phone?

It is up to individual VOIP providers to make 311 service available to their customers. Once configured, VOIP service should work properly as long as the user is registered as being located within City of Toronto boundaries. If you are a VOIP customer and you are having difficulty calling 311, it is best to contact your respective carrier and let them know you cannot connect. Alternatively, you can reach 311 Toronto by dialing 416-392-CITY (2489).

I Can Dial 311 from My Home but It Doesn’t Work from My Office. Why Not?

Many offices and institutions have complex routing and telephone systems that may need to be configured to allow users to dial 311. You can contact the telecom office for your company or institution and request them to reconfigure the system to allow calls to 311. Alternatively, you can reach 311 Toronto by dialing 416-392-CITY (2489).

What Is the Difference Between 311 and 911?

911 is the number to call in case of emergency. 311 is the number to call to obtain information and access to non-emergency City government services.

What Is the Difference Between 311 and 211?

311 provides information about City services only whereas 211 can provide information about human services from any level of government and other service providers.
211 is your community connection. It is the number to call for information about human services – health, social and community services. 211 connects you with an information specialist who can provide information and referrals 24 hours a day. For example, you can call 211 if you are a newcomer to Canada and are looking for employment training or you are concerned about a family member with an addiction and need information about available programs. You can call 211 if you’ve lost your wallet and don’t know where to replace your identification or you’re looking for marriage counseling or even need to know where the nearest after-hours medical clinic is located.

Does 311 Toronto Offer Service in Other Languages?

311 customer service representatives have instant access to interpreters who speak more than 180 languages.

Does 311 Toronto Offer Service for the Deaf?

The 311 Contact Centre is equipped with the technology required to enable hearing impaired individuals to communicate with customer service representatives. The TTY direct telephone number for 311 Toronto is 416-338-0TTY (0889).

What Types of Services Can I Request Through 311?
You can request any City service by calling 311?

In addition, you can find a wide range of online services on the 311 homepage, including online service requests and tracking.

Will I Have to Provide Personal Information about Myself When Making a Service Request?

Not necessarily, but you will only receive a reference number if you provide your personal information. Only those who “need to know” will have access to the personal information provided.

How Do I Follow up on My Service Request?

When you make a service request with 311, you will be given a reference number. You can call 311 anytime and a customer service representative will assist you. You can also track your service request online from the 311 homepage. 

What If I Lose My Reference Number?

Your reference number is similar to a PIN number. If you lose it, we cannot provide you with a new one nor can we provide you with an update on your service request. Without your reference number, we cannot verify that you are who you say you are and, due to privacy legislation, we cannot release any information about the service request.

Can I Change or Cancel a Service Request?

Yes. Call 311 and a customer service representative will assist you. You can only cancel a request if you have your reference number.

How Will 311 Know If Duplicate Service Requests Are Made for a Single Issue like a Pothole?

311 customer service representatives have access to mapping technology that identifies the location of service requests. While handling a phone call, the customer service representative will verify that the request has not already been made before inputting the request. Online service requests and e-mail inquiries are also reviewed to ensure that there is no duplication.

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