After the sale of 175 Wynford Drive last year, the new owners introduced a proposal which includes demolishing the Don Valley Hotel and building 4 high-rise towers (54, 45, 47 and 49 storeys) connected by two 8-storey podiums.

I asked the developer to hold a community consultation ahead of submitting their Application, so the community would know well in advance of the project, and the developer would understand the community’s concerns.  Following the submission of the Application, City Staff held a community consultation, as instructed by North York Community Council. 

Recently the developer re-filed the application.  While I was pleased that this revised proposal eliminates one of the towers, I was disappointed that the height of the tallest tower is now 65 storeys.  

I cannot support this Application in its current form.  Not only has the Wynford-Concorde community experienced significant development pressures recently, but traffic congestion continues to increase and there remains a general lack of community infrastructure. 

Moving ahead, and with the support of the condominium boards in Wynford-Concorde, we have formed a working group representing the community to collaborate with the developer to discuss how the project can be improved.  With four meetings planned over two months, we hope to find some common ground that will result in a project that is more acceptable.

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